January 23, 2020

Why you don’t need “the best” to still make an impact

Why you don't need "the best" to still make an impact

Why you don’t need “the best” to still make an impact.

Why you don’t need “the best” to still make an impact. The perception is that your website has to be this mega-expensive, massive process and perhaps that’s why you don’t have one yet. I’m here to share with you that it’s simply not true.



When I was first married, back in 2007, with my newlywed goo-goo eyes and almost no responsibilities, I naively agreed to build a house from scratch with my husband.

You know the master-planned communities? That was us.

Tiny trees in perfect lines.
Neighborhood pool with a clubhouse.
Modern fixtures and a kitchen island!!!!


It was ALSO an unintentional bootcamp on decision-making and for the next 4-6 months, I attended The University of Biting-Off-More-Than-You-Can-Chew.

And 15,349,982 choices later, our house still looked almost identical to everyone else’s on the block.


Building your website can feel a lot like building a new house.

You know you need this key piece of business real estate to hold your life purpose and give visitors a nice place to land.

And there are some really fun parts:

  • You can make the “rooms” any size and color you want. Expand here, knock down something over there.
  • And you get to fill it with your stuff and adorn the walls with photos and imagery that reflects you.
  • Then you add your personal touch on just about everything, making you feel proud of your attention to detail.


The best part of all of it is that it’s wide open to create as you wish.


As You Wish - Why you don't need "the best" to still make an impact


Or maybe???

Maybe it feels like the worst thing ever, because of too many choices. 

Because the thing is, not everyone is ready for (or wants) a house that’s a “new build” in a neighborhood with a clubhouse and a pool.


Reality check: You have to wait months, make those 10,000 decisions that you didn’t know you’d have to make, all the while wondering if it’s all worth it.

Many people prefer a more established home that’s available to move in now, (knowing the power is already hooked up).


—> And I’m here to tell you that’s ok to do with your website too.


The perception is that your website has to be this mega-expensive, massive process and perhaps that’s why you don’t have one yet.

Maybe you think that you need 50-something pages in order for it to be legit and people to take you seriously.

Or you worry you might have to hire someone to fix anything that goes wrong down the road because you have no idea how to write code.


I know I did… and I do this for a living. 



–> You don’t need “the best” (or all the bells and whistles from scratch) to still make an impact. It’s completely unnecessary and frankly a huge lie that gets perpetuated in the design space so other designers can make more money.


You no longer have to have a website that’s:

  • Overpriced
  • Complicated
  • Impossible to edit on your own
  • Slow to load
  • Ugly or clunky


In fact, you can have the opposite.

I wanted to create a brand-building cornerstone that was less intimidating and more user-friendly, effectively making you more visible, faster.


So? I designed it for you.
Because once again, it doesn’t exist like this anywhere.




  • What if you could have a gorgeous website just for you, up and running in just over a month? That means as a result of your fast decision making, before Q2, you’ve already made massive strides towards your goals this year.(Way to go, you!)


  • And what if it was simple and to the point, but still looked really good (and loaded fast) without all those unnecessary bells and whistles?(Who wants to pay for stuff they don’t use?)


  • And what if you could easily go in and make quick changes – like updating those new headshots you just got – without it taking hours and something breaking in the midst?Yeah, I thought so.


Because again: You don’t need “the best” to still make an impact. We’re starting with the foundations that will still get you results. No question.


Introducing The Mini-Site:

1 website.
4 pages.
6 weeks.

  • You get your website finally built (or revamped).
  • I design an amaze-balls 4-page killer layout that you love.
  • It’s completed in less time than it takes you to binge-watch all 10 seasons of FRIENDS.


PLUS? I’ve simplified it even further to help you to get this process going.


I’ve been in this industry long enough to know what works and what doesn’t, so I’ve curated the three best website layouts for entrepreneurs in a service-based industry.


Because fewer choices = faster action towards getting more clients in the door

And that’s kinda the most important thing.


Check out the best website options below:

(Click images below to see more pages and interaction)



Website Template 1 - Why you don't need "the best" to still make an impact



Website Template 2 - Why you don't need "the best" to still make an impact



Website Template 3 - Why you don't need "the best" to still make an impact


Here’s how it works


  • Email me and tell me you can’t wait to dive in
  • Choose your favorite template from the ones above – A, B, or C
  • Gather all your brand assets <– download the list again
  • Zip it all over to me in a single email (maybe 2)


While I:

  • Invite you to a creative call to clearly understand your brand direction
  • Change colors, fonts, and images in your template to create two incredible design directions for you to choose from (how will you decide!?)
  • Make any edits you need – 2 rounds of revisions included
  • Deliver a fully-functioning live website with brand consistency, helping you build trust with your people


Your investment for a complete website that looks like you spent a fortune: starting at just $2500


The Mini-Site is perfect for:

  • The woman who’s got major clarity on what she does, how she does it and who she’s trying to reach.
  • She doesn’t have time to wait 4-6 months for a custom site that’s way too robust for where she is now.
  • And she’s ready to knock this huge piece of her business out in an easy and impactful way (bonus: she can quit worrying about how it’s not done yet).



Get more visibility (and more clients), faster.

Hosted on a user-friendly template platform, you can have a gorgeous website up and running in just over a month.

Free yourself from the story you keep telling about it having to be built from the ground up to be impactful. It’s a lie, and it’s delaying you from showing up for the people that need you.

So let’s get moving.

All you have to do is email me to grab yours today.

– Erin

PS – Not enough for what you need? I have a fun a la carte menu of add-ons available! Just email me and let me know you’re interested. 


Looking for more? Here’s how we can work together in other ways 

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