May 3, 2022

5 Ways that Your Branding Can Impact Buyer Behavior

Branding can impact buyer behavior in numerous ways when done strategically and intentionally.

FACT: Word-of-mouth is the most effective marketing strategy. Always has been. Always will be. So what if I told you that 77% of people that experience your brand in a POSITIVE way are more likely to recommend you to others?

That’s a lot.

The way your audience experiences you is everything.

The game is to figure out how they perceive you…. because it’s not always what you set it up to be. Your goal with your brand is to create the ultimate user experience that brings them back again and again.

How can you create something that resonates and feels good?

How do you build CONNECTION in a significant way?

Here’s how your branding can easily impact buyer behavior in a stronger, more significant way:

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Clear messaging personalizes your company in their minds.

Consistent, memorable messaging gets your audience’s attention and plants seeds that grow over time. Your brand is not your product, nor is it your marketing words that make your product appear all shiny and fun.

Your brand is a personal perception that meets someone’s needs.

Which is much more than choosing colors and fonts that you like. What do YOU stand for and how are you intentionally communicating that? Quality branding is incredibly intentional and always reflects the message behind the business.

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Solving real problems drives easy decision-making.

Are you making life easier for your audience when they’re looking to purchase? Do you understand their needs, frustrations, and the other options out there?

Your people are looking for solutions that are easy and simple. The more information they have about you and how you can help, the easier you make that decision for them. Therefore, repetition of that information puts you in front of their minds.

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Happy customers recommend you without a second thought.

Trusted word-of-mouth is king. If one person adopts you as a quality business, you can rest assured that more are coming.

Give them a reason to sing your praises – 92% of buyers trust family and friends with recommendations.

It is less about the product, pricing, or features and more about your brand personality. Humanness speaks clearly; everyone just wants to be seen and understood.

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Communicating your values makes your business feel human

This is the classic example of “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe.”

A logo may feel like a small part of your brand, but there’s a reason why many businesses spend a fortune creating the perfect one. An image can communicate several ideas more effectively than pages of words.

Status, prestige, service, quality, and a host of other invisible factors play into how your audience decides what to buy.

The clearer you are, the more of the right people you attract.

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Sharing knowledge & transparency builds trust and loyalty.

Capture their attention so that you can share more about your brand. Gaining knowledge breeds familiarity and trust. As a result, when we gain trust, we have loyal customers for life.

Whatever your message and values are – make sure your customers can testify to it. Positive customer experiences, social media presence, and online reviews all support your brand claims.

When your focus is on pleasing your customers, they will come back for more and recommend you to others.

In conclusion? You can’t lose when you are clear, helpful, and generous in sharing knowledge.

Happy customers share that experience without a second thought.

How are you showing up to share your brand? If you need help, let’s chat.

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