June 16, 2022

3 things you need to have a successful brand.

To have a successful brand, it doesn’t have to be this complicated or stressful.

You’re gonna die when I tell you how easy it can be to have a successful brand: 

The secret is out. 🤫 There is no marketing/branding “code” to crack. Believe me, I have gone down this rabbit hole many times too. 

Ready for this? 

To have a successful brand (aka business), you only need 3 things:

1. Create a high-quality look
2. Show up consistently
3. Tell the people what to do next

It really is that simple. The speed of internet distractions makes simplicity even more important to your audience right now.

Grab their attention. Show them that next step. Rinse, repeat.

🎉The end! That’s marketing + branding in one fell swoop.

Quit making it harder on yourself because it doesn’t have to be this way. 

We act like marketing is complicated to track or quantify. Or like branding is this beast of a project. And it can seem like getting people to do things is confusing. ← By the way, these can all feel very real in the moment. 


What if we quit doing mental gymnastics to get an exact business formula and did this instead:

1. Start with a high-quality look that does the heavy lifting for you (by grabbing attention with a tailored brand).

2. Create a visibility strategy to ensure your brand stays top of mind (plan where / what / how often to post) 

3. Your team follows the above strategy that comes with purposeful calls to action (what you want them to do next). 

Sample website mockup for brand

Because let’s get real. If you’re honest with yourself, one of these steps isn’t happening.  

→ Only when these 3 are firing TOGETHER can you look at the metrics to find deeper ways to tweak your approach. 

If your website is beautiful but there’s no pathway to get them to purchase? It won’t work. 

You post stuff all the time but nothing looks like it belongs together? It won’t work. 

If you have a gorgeous brand but no one knows about it? Guess what – it also won’t work.

Know + Like + Trust = Customers 

This is the formula. If you aren’t doing this first, there’s no point in wondering if it’s time for advertising, SEO, or other leverage.  

brand assets for instagram

Form follows function – so let’s get moving.  

You deserve for this to be easy and I’m here to help you make that happen. 

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