June 21, 2022

Want to expand your brand? Look behind the scenes at what’s possible:

How far can you expand your brand?

A look behind the scenes at a case study of possibilities:

There are the basics of branding:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Logo
  • Social Media
  • Website

But how else could you be showing up?  This is less about “where” and more about injecting variety into what already exists in your brand.

Are you 100% online or do you have a storefront? Online businesses can use advertising, templates, and animation. Storefronts can use signage, packaging, catalogs, and other mailers.

Let’s look at this example brand Paloma Cantina and how the basics can be built upon.

logo family and color palette with brand illustrations

You can add depth and interest in a few ways:

  • Multiply: Turn one logo into a family (this allows a more diverse application over different layouts).
  • Expand: Reinforce your style and add visual interest with custom icons, illustrations, or even infographics.
  • Animate: Grab attention with more dynamic applications that move, make sounds, and interact with the viewer (Canva is a great place to get ideas).

brand examples of signage and social media marketing

See how these simple varieties add depth and interest to this website and social media content. Multiple icon applications, more logo varieties, and any kind of motion (including video!) keep the audience engaged for longer.  

brand website mockup layout

See how fun it can be to expand your brand?

You’re not locked into the same old branding mix and match you’re bored of. 

There’s freedom in variety. 🔥

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