January 28, 2023

Why Liquid Death is a successful brand right out of the gate

This company is not special, they just know what they’re doing. You can build a successful brand the same way using the same strategies.

Unexpected look and feel

This is not your regular blue, peaceful water brand packaging. If you don’t know this company, they sell sparkling water but it looks like beer cans. The merch looks like it’s for a motorcycle gang. The look and the way they’re promoting it are controversial and getting attention. Not everyone gets it, but the people that love it are sold-out fans because they get the humor

Company values being upfront

As much as this looks rebellious and scary, it appeals to people who appreciate health and sustainability (reducing single-waste plastics is one of their big company values). This is a really conscious move for a company. It makes a healthy product cool. It makes sustainability cool.

Unique messaging that grabs emotions

It’s literally just water – this isn’t a unique product. This is all about how they’re talking to their audience, what they stand for, and their messaging. The marketing is hilariously aggressive and the writing is brilliant. Emotion wins every time. You get people laughing, it’s memorable. Or feeling sentimental, or nostalgic, pick a feeling. That is why people are purchasing.

Controversial angle to marketing

They gave themselves permission to think outside the box, be unprofessional, and be against the status quo. They did all this while still following the “brand rules” that apply no matter what business you run. They’re consistent in tone, visuals, and the handful of topics they use to promote their products.

Quality product

The product is a quality beverage. Quality is key, but it feels really low on the list of reasons why it’s a successful brand.

Liquid Death product shot to show how the right marketing strategies can launch a successful brand

If you like this product, why do you buy it (tell me in the comments)

If you have a business, you can also have this kind of freedom and success in your branding & marketing.

THE BIG QUESTION — Are you brave enough to risk putting your real self out there in unconventional ways? Because that’s all they did. This is a persona. A brand is a persona – not a logo, colors or website.

Here are a couple of questions I ask my clients to get this same kind of successful brand results:

1. If you could do anything creatively with your brand & business, what would it be? No rules – sky is the limit – what would you do?

2. What is the emotion you want your audience to feel? Excitement, laughter, sentimental, nostalgic… it can be more than one

Those are a couple of questions that 95% of designers aren’t asking, and these can take you a LOT deeper into how you want your brand to be experienced (which is how people are buying now).

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the scene or you’ve been around for decades – this level of resonating with a company for its values and persona is available to you.

Share your answers in the comments. If you need help, I do this all day every day, so reach out & let’s build this for you.

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