Becky Dickson, who runs an incredible online coaching business, was relaunching her signature course and wanted a refreshed look. She needed a revamp that was consistent with her clean, minimal style and still incorporated her power colors, black and red.

We re-designed the look of the entire process - from launch graphics for her masterclass series, including social media designs and advertisements, retargeting and affiliate graphics, to the 12-week course materials themselves. 

We nailed what she was after and her course enrollment sold out.

Client: Rebecca T. Dickson
Art Direction, Branding: Erin Monaghan


Case Study - Becky Dickson

"Her work is genius"

Erin immediately understood my vision and nailed what I needed. So far, she has completely redesigned my programs, workbooks, social media graphics and helped me create a new journal. She consistently over-delivers, works fast, and sticks with it until we get it exactly right. Her designs are out of this world and she is super easy to work with.

Every designer should aspire to this level of quality and service. And now I send everyone I know to Erin. Her work is genius. Hire her immediately.

 — Becky Dickson, Mindset & Business Expert