Founded in 1997, West End Community Church hired me 10 years later to direct and overhaul their entire communications operation. They wanted to match the growing community as a contemporary church with accessible ministries for the entire city of Nashville. 

From new logo, to website, to individual branding for eight different departments, I developed distinct and customized materials for each of them. Our goal was to catch the attention of current attenders and attract new visitors with eye-catching graphics and an easy-to-navigate website full of helpful information. The one thing WECC wanted to make sure of is that newcomers felt comfortable walking in the door for the first time, which meant helping them know what to expect in every area. ​​​​​​​

No opportunity for design was left untouched. The more the church grew, the more design pieces were needed to assist in communication to a larger body and audience. 

With consistency and brand standards, it was easy to scale upwards into a diverse portfolio without losing brand integrity.

Client: West End Community Church
Art Direction, Branding: Erin Monaghan


Case Study - West End Community Church